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Duvet Covers & Tableclothes – Linen facts

Duvet Covers & Tableclothes – Linen facts

It’s durable and natural!

What we consume should be sustainable and durable. Linen has many advantages when compared to other materials. One of the biggest advantages is that it’s durable and only becomes more beautiful over time.

“The more Lovely linen is washed, the lovelier it becomes”.

Environmental footprint

To make linen products we need to harvest, transport and pack the raw material. These are processes that affect our environment. Therefore, we need to put higher demands on our manufacturers and review our own environmental impact.

  • Lovely Linen works only with European linen to ensure high quality and appropriate production processes.
  • Lovely Linen works only with European manufacturers to minimize the need for transportation and ensure high quality transportation methods.
  • On June 1, 2018, Lovely Linen initiated a process to remove all plastic packaging previously used.

Today consumers are more aware of the environmental benefits of linen. This has made linen more attractive and trendy. When we buy linen instead of other materials, such as cotton, we make a better choice for the environment.


  • It’s long-lasting and therefore reduces consumption.
  • It’s 100 % biodegradable and recyclable.
  • It’s non-allergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Linen consumes only small amounts of water during the manufacturing process.
  • A limited amount of pesticides is used in the cultivation of flax.
  • Linenis a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Linen is valued for its exceptional qualities.
  • Thanks to the great absorbent capacity of linen, only a small amount of dye is needed when dyeing the fabric.

It’s functional!

Linen fabric doesn’t only have a natural and beautiful structure, it also has many practical benefits that are gaining appreciation among consumers.


  • Linen is highly absorbent and dries quickly and:
  • rejects dirt.
  • fabric doesn’t create static electricity.
  • allows for a feeling of freshness in hot weather and comfortable warmth in winter. This is due to the good thermal insulating properties of linen. When the weather is hot, the temperature between the body and linen is 3-4 degrees below air temperature. When it is cold, the linen fabric carefully stores the body heat.
  • absorbs moisture well, releases it quickly, and dries out, which means that linen fabric doesn’t „stick“ to your body. Air can pass through linen fabric easily, allowing the skin to „breathe“.

The History of Linen

Linen fabrics have served humans for approximately ten thousand years. Ancient Egyptians first started using linen to make clothes and bed sheets, which can be seen in rock carvings. Rich people used thin linen clothes and the fabric was also used to wrap pharaoh mummies. Linen clothes were used as a symbol of “purity and light”. They were considered pure and served as a guardian for the body of the person who was wearing them.

Peasants used home-made linen clothes. In ancient Greece it was a privilege of priests to wear linen clothes. Later, linen was also cultivated and processed in Northern countries, where it was called the “northern gold” and “northern silk”. It was used for clothes, table cloths and bed linens, military equipment and as canvas for oil paintings. In previous centuries linen was considered a “healthy fabric”.

Despite having been used for thousands of years, linen, the most ancient fabric, stays forever young. The popularity of linen has not diminished; it is growing every year. The secret of its popularity lies in the unique and highly valuable qualities of linen fabric.

– Linen fabric possesses rare bacteriological properties. Linen fabric is a natural antiseptic and kills bacteria, so neither bacteria nor fungus can live on it. It also reduces inflammation. These qualities were observed by people a long time ago when they discovered that wounds dressed in linen healed faster than the ones dressed in cotton. Clothes made of linen helps to get rid of some skin diseases – from common rash to chronic eczema.

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